Mark Twain, a prominent American author and thinker, was among the numerous travellers who have travelled to India from ancient times. After his brief visit, he declared, “All that can ever be accomplished by man or God has already been accomplished in this region.”

The majority of Indians are unaware of the extent to which mysticism and spiritual processes have occurred and continue to occur in India. This region has traditionally been regarded as the spiritual centre of the world, because no other civilization has examined the inner sciences with as much depth and comprehension as this one.

Several things, however, have been abandoned in the previous century as a result of a fairly revolutionary outlook on life. Due to political and other forms of power, we have come to the opinion that if anything originates in the West, it is considered scientific, and if it originates in the East, it is considered superstitious.

Many of the things that your grandparents previously taught you are now being uncovered as “major” findings about human nature in leading scientific laboratories. What they are saying after billion-dollar research studies, we have already said in our culture, because this is not a civilization that has evolved out of the necessity of survival. This is a civilization that was developed deliberately by sages and saints, who determined how one should sit, stand, and eat. It was developed with human well-being in mind and contains significant scientific significance.

Nowadays, and especially in the last several years, an extraordinary amount of study has been conducted on water and its possibilities. One of the claims made by scientists is that water has memory. As a flexible memory bank, water remembers everything it encounters. For instance, if I take a glass of water in my hand, gaze at it in a particular manner, and offer it to you, you will experience well-being. If I interpret it differently and deliver it to you, you will become unwell tonight.

In our culture, water’s memory has always been recognised. This is why, in traditional households, individuals retain a copper pot that they wash daily, perform a pooja for, and only then fill with drinking water. What you refer to as teerth is exactly this. You may have witnessed how difficult it is for folks to obtain a single drop of teerth from the temple. Even if you are a millionaire, you would still die for that one drop of water because you wish to consume water that has the Divine’s memory.

Several studies indicate that what a pregnant woman consumes, who she associates with, and what she is exposed to has a significant effect on the following generation. In recent decades, however, fully pregnant women have been seen on trains, buses, even in pubs. They are intoxicated and smoking. When questioned, “Will this not affect the baby?” people would respond, “No.” “No. We examined the blood parameters, but nothing unusual occurred.” Currently, after fifty years of this culture, there are several studies indicating that it has an effect on multiple generations of individuals.

We have always been aware of this in India. From the time a woman conceives until she gives birth, and thereafter, for as long as she breastfeeds her kid, there is a lengthy procedure including what she should and should not eat, who she should and should not meet, and where she should and should not go.

Indeed, science has accomplished remarkable feats in the past century. Today’s level of comfort and ease is largely the result of scientific endeavours across the world. The limitation of science has been its attempt to achieve everything by physical methods – by measuring physical quantities and according to physical principles.

If only scientists, who have explored things so far into physical reality, paid a little more attention to the most fundamental physicality, which is themselves, if they spent as much time gazing within as they did through a telescope or microscope, I believe something remarkable might result.

There is an inner power in Indian culture that derives from the entire science and technology of inner well-being — the entire globe is screaming out for it right now. They have other technologies that have allowed them to do great things on the outside, but they are struggling on the inside.

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