OpenAI’s ChatGPT demonstrates that recent advances in artificial intelligence have increased its capabilities and intelligence to the point where it may soon surpass human intelligence.

According to the Mashable website, this artificial intelligence chatbot can analyze and generate content based on the GPT-4 language processing paradigm using vast amounts of data.

In fact, it can respond to virtually all queries. However, this is only the beginning. A researcher in artificial intelligence has stated that “everyone would die” if AI’s intelligence is permitted to grow unfettered.

AI will soon surpass humans, according to experts.

A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence is, superficially, a very useful instrument that can increase human efficiency and productivity. It may function as a primary source of information available on the internet, enabling users to scroll less.

It can also evaluate vast amounts of text in order to provide users with information about a specific data point. Recently, ChatGPT correctly diagnosed a dog’s illness and saved his life, which astonished veterinarians.

There is a negative aspect to this as well. While AI is still in its infancy, many of these risks exist. This would explain why Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently signed a petition requesting the suspension of all AI operations until regulatory bodies are established.

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