The conjunction of the moon and Venus is a rare event that occurs when the two heavenly bodies appear near to one another.

The moon and Venus, the brightest planet in our solar system, converged in conjunction on Friday, a rare celestial event.

The astounding occurrence was witnessed across the world, including in Hyderabad.

When the moon and Venus appear close together in the night sky, this is a somewhat rare phenomenon known as a conjunction. This was the case on Friday, the occurrence is particularly unusual when the two are at their brightest.

Alignment of the Moon and Venus

Astrophysicists and amateur astronomers were equally ecstatic to observe this rare alignment. Many shared images and videos of the event on social media, capturing the grandeur of the moon and Venus side-by-side.

The conjunction was visible for a brief time in Hyderabad. Those fortunate enough to witness the event were treated to a stunning spectacle as the two celestial objects gleamed brightly against the darker sky.

The unusual occurrence was created by the respective orbital positions of the moon, Venus, and Earth around the sun.

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