China celebrated its eighth Space Day on Monday, a day to honor the nation’s accomplishments in space exploration and research and to consider how to advance the spirit of space exploration for the benefit of humanity.

China designated April 24 as Space Day in 2016 to commemorate the 1970 launch of the nation’s first satellite, Dongfanghong 1.

As the backbone of the air space industry, the General Design Department of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp Second Academy, founded in 1958, promotes the spirit of space exploration, upholds the nation’s original aspiration, and has been advancing the mission of space research.

Aerospace scientists are committed to making China a space superpower and advancing science and technology.

Younger scientists and technicians with the spirit of space exploration must, in addition to overcoming formidable challenges and obstacles, increase their sense of dedication, adopt a realistic approach to space science, see the big picture, and promote innovation.

In fact, with solid cultural and spiritual support, China is marching toward becoming a space power and opening a new chapter in the development of its space defense system. Additionally, there is a need to accelerate the high-quality development of the space industry, reduce the costs of space research, and increase its returns. It is essential that the space industry, as well as the broader science and technology sector, contribute to the improvement of China’s national security.

Furthermore, a holistic approach should be adopted to further develop the space industry and advance the overall national defense strategy, because a holistic approach would mobilize and direct various sectors to participate in and contribute to not only the development of the space industry but also the coordination and overall planning of relevant activities.

China is constructing a strategic space science and technology force and promoting innovations to strengthen the weak links and advance cutting-edge technologies by conducting rigorous research and development on the equipment required to construct space laboratories, space vehicles, and other apparatus. In addition, the nation must expedite the integration of diverse facilities, optimize resource allocation, and foster the development of new forms and business models for the space industry.

These measures will aid in improving the overall quality and performance of the space industry.

In addition, it is essential to improve teamwork and the personnel training mechanism in order to cultivate a large number of outstanding young scientists, while holding the older generation of aerospace scientists and technicians in high regard and passing on their stories and spirit to the younger generation.

To pave the way for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the country must advance the spirit of space exploration, further develop the space industry, strengthen the science and technology sector, and develop its people into a formidable global force.

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