The Science Market is a popular and fascinating component of the Human Brain Project Conference. The 28 March Open Day is free to the public. Please visit our Summit website for further details and registration information. You may also download the Open Day leaflet, which provides a summary of the Science Market’s booths.

The HBP will organize a two-day Science Market at the Palais Du Pharo as part of the 2023 Human Brain Project (HBP) Conference in Marseille, France. The event will be open and free to the public on the first day, March 28 (registration is still necessary; you may register here:

The event will feature novel services, live demonstrations, and the opportunity to meet with neuroscience researchers and industry executives. There will also be quizzes, games, and freebies to gather at the booths.

In many kiosks dedicated to EBRAINS, the European digital research infrastructure built by the HBP, visitors may learn more about various digital tools and services that can be utilized to address difficulties in brain research and the creation of brain-inspired technologies. Participants will also get the opportunity to meet EBRAINS National Node officials.

For the HBP, computational neuroscience and innovative technologies are essential. At the market, there will be a stand devoted to the digital simulation platform The Virtual Brain, as well as a demonstration of the HBP brain atlases, some of the most extensive interactive atlases now accessible. Several booths will display cutting-edge robotics and neuromorphic gear, which is inspired by biological brains.

The Innovation and Partnership booths will provide you with the opportunity to network with other researchers, stakeholders, and investors in order to form partnerships, as well as receive assistance from the HBP Innovation team regarding technology transfer, financial support, and industry collaboration-related issues.


On March 28, attendees of the HBP Summit’s Open Day will have full access to the lectures and plenary sessions. The session starts with greetings from HBP leaders and political figures.

Michael Breakspear, a physician and neuroscientist from the University of Newcastle (Australia) who studies the fundamentals of brain function and health in mental illness, will deliver the keynote address. The future of digital neuroscience will be discussed.

In addition, guests may anticipate a stimulating session titled “Brain Health: An Emerging European Policy Priority.” The session “Federated Computing Infrastructure” will feature representatives from several European computing centers for people interested in high-performance computing.

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