Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has hinted at the imminent launch of the newly piled behemoth rocket store, which is being constructed with the intention of launching humans to the Moon and then Mars.

The Starship Super Heavy is loaded and prepared for its orbital debut. Elon Musk tweeted a video of a piled Starship with the caption “Starship preparing for launch.”

The Starship Super Heavy is stacked and ready

The first orbital launch will test the system’s adaptability to withstand the maximal dynamic pressure applied to the structure during launch, in addition to the performance of the raptor engines that will propel the spacecraft beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. The first orbital launch will presumably occur on April 10.

Engineers fueled the mega-rocket with 10 million pounds of propellant as part of the first full flight-like damp dress rehearsal at Starbase Boca Chica in January of this year when SpaceX completed flight-like rehearsals with the Starship Super Heavy.

The maiden orbital launch will test the system

During its first orbital launch, Starship will release its second stage into space, where it will complete a full orbit before reentering Earth’s atmosphere and falling down off the coast of Hawaii. The Super Heavy projectile will attempt a descent near its launch site in Texas.

The test mission will be the first launch of SpaceX’s 120-meter tall, fully-stacked Starship rocket system, which consists of a Starship rocket resting atop a “Super Heavy” first-stage booster with 33 rocket motors.

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