Scientists have uncovered a “Black Hole” that is both the largest and most scary one yet found. The most recent discovery is very interesting since it is so vast that it can accommodate 30 billion suns; hence, it may be referred to as a “cosmic monster.”

It would be possible to fit more than a quintillion Earths inside of the huge black hole, which has the same mass as 30 billion suns. The troublesome region may be found deep within a galaxy that is located millions of light-years distant from our home planet.

Astronomers call this new cosmic behemoth a “ultramassive black hole,” in contrast to the ordinary galactic supermassive black holes, which vary in mass from a few million to a few of billion solar masses. Ultramassive black holes are thought to be the largest known object in the universe.

Gravitational Lensing

  • The gravitational lensing technique was utilized by the researchers in order to locate the black hole.
  • Astronomers discovered the black hole while conducting scans of a galaxy that was located a greater distance from Earth than the galaxy that contained the gigantic black hole and was the galaxy’s home.
  • This effect, which is referred to as “gravitational lensing,” magnifies the item in the backdrop by exploiting the gravity of the galaxy that is nearby.
  • To put it another way, it is the result of the gravitational force of extremely big objects bending light about themselves.

The size of the black hole was determined by the study team by analyzing the relative magnitude of the foreground object in a number of photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The group believes that this is only the beginning of a more in-depth investigation into the mysteries surrounding black holes, and that in the future, massive telescopes will enable astronomers to investigate even more remote black holes in order to gain more insight into how large and small they are.

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