Researchers are hoping that with the assistance of indigenous people, they can better understand this little-explored bay.

The location of Tukakas Bay, which is close to Venezuela, is almost uncharted territory for the scientific community.

The Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Arturo Luna

What is it that can be discovered? People’s familiarity with seagrass, bird species, fishes, a variety of mangrove species, and other species within the ecosystem, as well as their understanding of these things, can be useful to researchers.

The information may be gained from traditional indigenous cultures that are located in the Wayuu areas and applied to contemporary scientific practice.

The scientific mission has gained the participation of indigenous people located close to the bay.

It is intended that they would trade the traditional wisdom of their ancestors for scientific discoveries from which they might profit.

The purpose of the initiative that will take place over the course of a year is to advance the region.

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