Any firm’s lifeline is a business loan. Business loans are the only viable solution when a company’s internal cash flow isn’t consistent enough to keep things running smoothly. Financial institutions are the first choice for businesses when they need assistance. However, a few persistent misconceptions make it difficult to apply for company financing.

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These are a few well-known fallacies regarding business financing.

Good Credit Record

The most widespread misconception regarding business loans is that you need to have perfect credit—both in terms of score and history. Not all forms of company financing are like this. To guarantee risk-free loans, the lenders do demand on a respectable credit score of 650 and above. However, firms can still apply for business loans if they are working to raise their credit score. Without a question, having a high credit score opens doors to easy credit on favorable conditions. A low credit score does not, in and of itself, prevent opportunities. Even so, your eligibility for a company loan will be limited to the conditions set by the lenders.

Strict Approval Process

The days of having to do a ton of paperwork and wait a long time to receive a business loan are long gone. The information a financial institution needs is now mostly in the public domain thanks to the digital revolution. In order for the lenders to authorize a company loan, some essential documentation has to be supplied. The long-held misconception that obtaining a business loan requires waiting in line at the bank has been disproven. The approval period for company loans has been notably shortened by the use of artificial intelligence, information gathering, and internet applications.

Only Greater Amounts Are Allowed for Business Loans

The first thing that springs to mind when we hear the phrase “business loan” is a large sum. It’s a misperception and a myth. The availability of business financing to startups has increased recently. A business loan may be obtained for as little as Rs 50,000. Business loans are essential to the success of small firms. Large-scale loans are not suitable for start-up companies. Small and micro businesses can obtain short-term financing from the potential microfinance or small finance industry. Thus, company loans meet everyone’s demands within the business ecosystem.

Only Established Businesses Are Eligible for Business Loans

Similar to credit history, it’s also thought that only well-established companies have easy access to business financing. These days, self-employed professionals such as physicians, chartered accountants, photographers, painters, and others can also apply for business loans. Lenders are increasingly eager to learn about your reputation and marketability. They no longer put pressure on the company’s survival. Entrepreneurs and independent contractors are actual instances of dispelling this misconception regarding company financing.

You Need to Have Assets

It’s also thought that in order to qualify for a company loan, you need to have more assets as underlying security. This isn’t always applicable for company loans, even if it can be the case when obtaining a secured term loan. At appealing interest rates, a large number of non-banking financial institutions provide unsecured business loans. As an alternative, you can apply with a co-applicant or guarantor to obtain a business loan more quickly.

A Few Other Untruths

Your business is failing if you are taking out a business loan; the reverse is never true.

The majority of company loans are not all the same. Business loans are designed specifically to satisfy a company’s needs.

No, solo owners are not eligible for business financing; only businesses are. Even kirana retailers can apply for business financing.

Although online approval will eventually become the standard, online business loans are not quite as safe..

The Reserve Bank of India has authorized private sector banks, microfinance organizations, and non-banking financial entities to make business loans; only public sector banks do so.

In summary

The easiest approach to expand your company without running out of funds is through business loans. It’s critical to dispel myths regarding business loans and have them explained by professionals. Select the company loan that best suits your needs by comparing and evaluating all of the options on the market. Make sure to make your loan payments on time after you have the appropriate amount; this is a factual statement rather than a fiction.