1) Having Entry To A Kitchen

One typical B&B amenity is a communal kitchen. Many B&Bs were originally constructed as family homes before being altered to accommodate visitors; for this reason, there is frequently just one kitchen on the property as opposed to one in each guest room. Based on my observations, B&B hosts usually permit visitors to share the kitchen’s amenities and access. Click here to read about B&B shared kitchen etiquette. Click here to find out how to locate bed and breakfasts with kitchen access.

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2) Enchanting Vacations

Some bed and breakfasts foster a romantic ambiance. Families or lone travelers looking for leisure will also find them to be appealing. They can be perfect for couples looking for quiet weekend escapes. Romantic bed and breakfasts may highlight this allure in their descriptions and images. While breakfast in bed is not a standard feature of bed and breakfasts, romantic B&Bs are more likely to provide it. Click here for additional information about romantic B&Bs, including five instances.

3) Special Places to Stay

Properties for bed & breakfasts differ greatly. Some have a theme (often drawn from the host’s inspiration or the local culture, landscape, or attraction). This kind of B&B may have a consistent theme throughout, or each room may have its own theme. Certain bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) have a distinctive location, including farm stays or historic B&Bs like Glengorm Castle on the Scottish island of Mull. Click here to read about the 13 different kinds of bed and breakfasts, along with five examples of each kind.

4) More Individualized Attention

Generally speaking, B&Bs have fewer rooms than hotels. While B&Bs never have more than ten guest rooms, large hotels can have up to 100. B&B “employees” frequently reside on the same property as their clients or close by. This implies that the advice you get as a tourist (about what to do, where to eat, etc.) comes from the viewpoint of a local, which makes it a highly helpful tool when visiting a location with distinctive activities or cultural attraction.

5) May Be Able to Save Cash

Rooms at B&Bs may be rather cheap. However, B&B overnight rates are usually more expensive than nearby budget hotel rates, just because visitors enjoy a home-cooked breakfast. However, some B&Bs provide business prices, packages (such as breakfast, lunch, and supper including ski instruction), or weekly or monthly savings. See our comparisons of bed and breakfasts against hotels and Airbnb to find out how they stack up against other types of lodging.

In summary

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Bed & breakfasts provide a distinctive kind of accommodation. They facilitate interactions between tourists and local hosts in a comfortable, homey environment, frequently with other easygoing, like-minded visitors. See our other guides below to find out more about bed and breakfasts.

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